Solar Panel Cleaning Kent & Medway

Maintain the efficiency of your solar panels with our state of the art cleaning equipment. Our brush system is effective and safe for all solar panels.

residential solar panel cleaning in kent

Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Professional Solar Panel cleaning Kent & Medway

DCL offers solar panel cleaning to both residential and commercial spaces. Solar panel cleaning is usually neglected but is important to maintain the effectiveness of the solar panel system.

Dirt, dust and bird poop all reduce the efficiency of your solar panels, especially when it’s left to build up. Regular cleaning of your solar panels will increase the effectiveness of the solar panel.

Did you know?

Solar panel efficiency reduces over time – ensuring they’re clean is even more important!

Solar Panel Cleaning Kent

As solar panel cleaning experts, we can gently and effectively remove the build up of grime and dirt from your solar panel without causing any damage to the panels.

Regular cleaning of your solar panels will maintain their overall effectiveness. To keep your solar panel system working efficiently, we recommend having it cleaned every 6 to 12 months.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Kent & Medway

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Kent & Medway

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Our professional team is dedicated to revitalising your outdoor surfaces, ensuring they are spotless and inviting. With our advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment, we remove stubborn stains, grime, and moss, restoring the beauty and safety of your residential and commercial spaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We gently clean solar panels, via a water fed pole and only with deionized water so as to not damage the solar panel. The use of chemicals on solar panel cleaning can damage the surface of the solar panel and result in the panel breaking down and voiding any warranty issued by the installer.

Typically you’ll need to clean your solar panels every six to twelve months. If your solar panels are exposed to dirt and grime, for instance, in an urban area or in close proximity to trees, we would suggest to clean them more frequently to maintain their efficiently.

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